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13/10 2011

Nick O’s Eddie Tribute

Recently, Nick Ormerod and I returned from an amazing trip to Tahiti, chasing a swell that lit up Teahupoo and several other reefs….
My main motivation for going was to prove to myself that I was fit and ready to take on some of the heaviest waves in the world. I thought if I can take on Chopes and survive I was fully recovered..

Nick Ormerod on the other hand had his own reasons.
Eddie Solomon was a fellow lover of Tahiti and close friend of his, and being a major rider for Eddie, this was Nicks perfect chance to provide a tribute for him. Amazing job Nick!



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  1. Nick O
    14/10 2011

    Good times :) Cheers bud!

  2. Nick Barth
    6/12 2011

    Great tribute to Eddie!